The affect of RTD Wound dressing/pad on a horse with proud flesh, see report page 1 (home).

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Guide to the use of the RTD wound dressing pad on a horse:

  • Use a big enough pad to cover the wound and surrounding area.
  • Wrap gauze roll to secure the pad; make sure the pad is not going to move off the wound.
  • Use a type of pamper for padding and wrap a 3M Vetrap over that to secure everything and provide protection.
  • Final leg wrap: a standing wrap for protection and support.
  • Change the outer wraps each day in the beginning but leave the pad in place until exudate shows through/or 3 days use, whichever comes first.
  • Half a gauze roll and half a Vetwrap may be enough; depends on location and size of horse and injury.
photo of RTD wound pad on a horse

Use of the yellow foam rubber sponge pad:

  • For cost saving measures; apply the Silver ointment directly on the wound and then the foam pad that has been sprayed with Blue Wound-Kote.
photo of yellow foam pad
photo of June 7, 7 weeks post injury photo of Dec 2017

photo of rtd wound dressing pad photo of quarter horse mare
photo of supplies

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